Sunday, June 8, 2008

Meet the Newest Gunderson CENTURION!!!

That's right, I became a centurion yesterday. I rode my bike 104 miles!!! Yes, be impressed. It was probably the hardest thing that I have ever done in life, but it was totally worth it.
I did the ride with my friend Diane and made a new friend along the way, Shannon. These two ladies made it possible for me to be able to finish. They provided the encouragement that I needed to be able to stick out to the end.I was so happy when I crossed the finish line. They had Martinellis in champagne glasses as we came across. It was great experience and I am so glad that I did. My next riding adventure is a week long riding trip with the Gunderson Family in Northern California, followed by another 100 miles at the MS 150.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Rachel the Runner!!

I know that I have not updated since November about my running so I'll do it Reader's Digest style. I did my Christmas Run in both Ogden and then again Victor. With the cold weather though I stopped running until about three weeks ago, when I started up again on the treadmill in the house. While buying new shoes I heard about the Run for Red, a charity race for the Red Cross. I figured that since it was a 5k race and it was in two weeks I should sign up to do it. So today I became an official runner and ran in my first ever organized race.

I was kind of nervous before I ran not ever having done a race before and also I had never even ran with anyone else before. I have always just done solo runs. Kellen was gone out of town on a field trip so my mom and niece came to support me.
My run time was 34:20.5 (11:03 min/mi). I came in 31st for my group and 92nd overall. The highest number I saw was 270. That was the fastest I had ever run that distance so I was extremely excited.
I felt great after I ran. There were people there handing out flyers for other races that are coming up; I am ready to keep running. I am really getting into this running thing. Don't tell Andre, he'll get jealous.