Saturday, March 8, 2008

Rachel the Runner!!

I know that I have not updated since November about my running so I'll do it Reader's Digest style. I did my Christmas Run in both Ogden and then again Victor. With the cold weather though I stopped running until about three weeks ago, when I started up again on the treadmill in the house. While buying new shoes I heard about the Run for Red, a charity race for the Red Cross. I figured that since it was a 5k race and it was in two weeks I should sign up to do it. So today I became an official runner and ran in my first ever organized race.

I was kind of nervous before I ran not ever having done a race before and also I had never even ran with anyone else before. I have always just done solo runs. Kellen was gone out of town on a field trip so my mom and niece came to support me.
My run time was 34:20.5 (11:03 min/mi). I came in 31st for my group and 92nd overall. The highest number I saw was 270. That was the fastest I had ever run that distance so I was extremely excited.
I felt great after I ran. There were people there handing out flyers for other races that are coming up; I am ready to keep running. I am really getting into this running thing. Don't tell Andre, he'll get jealous.


seth said...

Congrats on doing your first run!

Shauna said...

bravo rachel! allie and lisa would be so proud...