Sunday, November 18, 2007

I can go the Distance!!!

Three weeks done, only three weeks left. And I am feeling great. I have only missed one day. It was a day that I had worked and was exhausted. To ensure that it does not happen again I have changed my run/ride days. I now run Mon, Wed, Fri and ride on Tues, Thurs, and Sat. I am really excited about running. I plan on setting another goal to accomplish sometime in the spring. I am getting better at running and noticing that my riding is also improving. Somedays I still have to convince myself to go but I always feel fabulous afterwards. Kellen has even noticed a difference. I am really excited that I made this goal. I have already gone on Google Earth to decide where my three mile run will be. You will be able to find out in three short weeks. Stayed tuned!

1 comment:

Shauna said...

wow Rach.....youve got some hills in there....way better than me. I am just a gym rat now on the flat treadmill. WAY TO GO!